What is the study medication?

The study medication is called epetraborole. Epetraborole is an investigational medicine taken once daily in tablet form. It is designed to fight the bacteria that causes MAC lung disease.

Epetraborole is called investigational because it is not approved for use outside of clinical research studies like this one.

Have other people taken epetraborole?

Yes. Epetraborole has been tested in other clinical trials and in participants with other types of bacterial infection, but more research is necessary.

Will I receive epetraborole if I join the study?

You may or may not receive epetraborole if you join. You will be randomly assigned to receive either epetraborole or placebo. The placebo looks like epetraborole but contains no active ingredients. Neither you nor the study staff will know whether you receive epetraborole or placebo.

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